Почему ЖЕНА по вечерам задерживается в ОФИСЕ Хроники Измен с Григорием Кулагиным 30 серия бывший муж

Почему ЖЕНА по вечерам задерживается в ОФИСЕ Хроники Измен с Григорием Кулагиным 30 серия бывший муж

Chronicles of Treason with Grigory Kulagin Episode 30. Hello from the past. No matter how we want to end the past, it will always remain with us. But if we can still somehow make peace with our past, then what should we do with the past of our partner, loved one? What if this past strangles what you so hard created and quite specifically, and not as abstract nostalgia, destroys your present? Today’s story is about that. Timofey, tell us about your situation, why did you decide to contact us? Gregory, I have a difficult situation in the family I work as a driver And in connection with work, I 3-4 days a week I’m away and there is a suspicion what my wife cheats on me Arriving from a business trip, I felt the smell of cigarettes in the apartment my wife does not smoke and never smoked there were more backstories my wife works in an insurance company they have a small company and the director gave my wife New Year diamond earrings Even I have no money to give her such earrings just so employees do not give such earrings then it surprised me, and after a while my wife gave me expensive perfume I have one to the other The head is a very wealthy person, since he makes such gifts I think it’s not just And I think that he uses such perfumes, but she wants to hide this smell from me I want to understand this all that is, you specifically suspect this director of the company where does your wife work, Irina yes, it is him Timothy, let’s do this We will establish observation of Irina and if possible we will install cameras in the office soon everything will become clear, do not worry I hope everything turns out for the better maybe I’m winding myself I do not want to lose my family i really love my wife Detectives establish observation of Irina In the morning she leaves the porch of her house Girl comes to work in a business center there is the office of the insurance company in which she works detectives decide to visit insurance in which Irina works under the guise of a policy buyer Hello I wanted to talk about insurance take a seat can i have water? detective manages to install cameras in the office Detectives record the communication of Irina and the director of work. The whole company is in one place. So – all working hours they are inseparable. Ira, do you have a tinder on the phone? – no, what are you? Do you have it installed? Of course I’m a free man I know that you are a free man I’m not, I’m married And you have no desire to search for someone? – Not! A little later we see the flirtation of the director and Irina. But the initiative comes from him. Ira, I noticed you are in stockings today It is worth the cash bonus. Now, if I still saw your panties This is too much But I know how you can please That’s better? All your muscles are tense now you can see the documents to the end It’s all? That’s all I can offer you. And thanks for that Timothy, good afternoon, this is Gregory There is news and we want to meet with you Can you drive today? Is there something serious? I have problems at work Ok let’s get tomorrow I can in 2 Timothy – hello, Catherine Sorry it didn’t work out yesterday. Work, and now a little time Let’s get down to business then. We will show you the video what was in the office yesterday i turn on let’s listen I noticed you are in stockings today Well bitch! Dont be upset What does it mean not to be upset? This is a flirt. – This is my wife, not a flirt. Classic story, two in the office, no one else he throws her jokes and she reacts, plays along This is a game. – I call it a whore This is my wife, we have been married for more than one year But can you joke at work? Play along with the boss? I do not understand such jokes with the boss. After that, earrings for a lot of money appear you have a call – it’s okay, I’ll drop My family is much more important to me Timothy, let’s calm down We have a continuation of this story. Was there anything else? Yes, a little physical contact Let me show you and then discuss That’s better? This is already full prostitution This is just a shoulder massage there was nothing further she didn’t do such a massage for me for a long time Who does she have a wife with? Me or him? He in every possible way provokes her Provokes by buying earrings? Was there anything else? There was nothing else yesterday Where are they now? They went to the mall now lunch time they went for lunch can you see what they are doing? yes we can see – let’s see why do they go hand in hand? did they go to the travel salon? Do they choose tickets? This is a travel agency. What are they doing there? We cannot hear the sound Our person will not be able to go there without causing questions There is a very small room That is, I should not be surprised if she says that she is leaving for a business trip? Yes, now it’s important to understand if she talks about the trip – this is what is happening now We will not draw conclusions we will continue observation – I see everything already We can’t say anything yet You’re on emotions right now she tells me that she has meetings, and she does massage to her boss, she forgot about me Timothy, you turned to us We are watching your wife, but so far the fact of treason has not been recorded. As a person, I understand you But you need to calm down, we will be in touch It’s good that you have things to do, get distracted We will do our job I will be in touch because it is very important to me Keep me posted and as soon as something happens call me the main thing is not to betray yourself, do not find out anything The next day, nothing unusual happens. Irina works with clients. At the end of the working day, the director leaves. He offers dinner together. Ira, that’s all for today. Maybe have dinner? No, excuse me, Peter, it won’t work today okay Something you’re not in a hurry to your husband There is a lot of work, I want to take stock Irina closes the door from the inside and calls someone Hello, how are you? Can you drive to the office now? I’m alone I already miss you your voice turns me on can you come quickly? not yet, I’m waiting for you if you don’t come quickly, they’ll get wet remove them of course. Come faster in every way as usual, on the couch, on the table most importantly come faster Timothy, good afternoon, this is Gregory. Hello, Gregory Very bad news for you, you could Urgent to drive up? Worse than yesterday? Yes worse Where to drive? I will be right now Drive there, you will find our car You didn’t have so much passion when we were married She appeared only after And you got hotter a lot No, it’s all been different for you. You came from work and were not interested in me. As soon as I marry another … And you became so nice, sweet You are the best We didn’t have to get married. It’s some kind of wedding ring curse In the office, there is a conversation after treason. It becomes clear that Irina’s lover is her ex-husband. What happened during this time? Timofey, we have sad news for you. Unpleasant video. If ready, I turn it on. Come on, no options wait, where are you going? well bitch? what are you doing here Who did you bring? Who is this? Go ass from here finished? what are you doing? Leave him alone! Look at yourself, what have you come to? Office prostitute! I asked to follow you, suspected that you are sleeping with the boss. You are crazy I’m going to him! Who do you look like! Go from here! – Shut up! Who are you? Slut! Take it to yourself Timothy, wait a second. What are you planning to do? I have a panic in my head, a mess. There will be a divorce I don’t want to see her anymore I loved too much to make it so easy Maybe you can forgive, do you need time? I can’t forgive and I don’t want to forgive. Thanks for helping me figure it out. Now I need to be alone. Thanks. Irina did not try to restore relations with Timofey. She went to her ex-husband. A month later, the couple officially divorced. It is not known how much Irina would continue to hide her relationship with her ex-husband before deciding to have a frank conversation with her husband. That’s how she, many are trying to manage to be loved for several partners at once. Is it fair? Maybe – when love is gone – you need to stop torturing yourself and your partner as soon as possible? See you Chronicles of Treason with Grigory Kulagin

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  2. ОФис вообще не обжит. Так мало вещей. Обычно в таких маленьких офисах все заставленно принтерами, бумагой, коробками и другой мелочью. Очень похоже что это постановочное видео с подобранными актерами.

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    Правильно, что отписался, откуда оно у меня в предложенных появилось?!
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