Bridal Dresses Handwork Cutdana | Latest Designs 2020 | With Prices

Bridal Dresses Handwork Cutdana | Latest Designs 2020 | With Prices

Saeed Cloth House You guys are watching, saeed bhai brought new latest designs for brides I hope that you will like the following designs & fabrics We have Zubair Bhai as well Assalam-u-Alaikum & Enayat Khan here Assalam-u-Alaikum & Our brother You can see there Alot of latest & unique designs over there As some of our customers demanded They demanded red the most I got red colour as well, Its latest & unique design One of our customer mostly demand this We are showing this for her & for rest of the audience at first we got this one for brides and baraat Its full heavy dress You can make maxi and sharara dress of it Put dupatta saeed bhai Yes its dupatta of it Its our own designs at Saeed Cloth House Very latest & unique fabrics So I hope that you will like these designs and fabrics As you can see its finishing Show its work closely, Chaman Bhai Its dupatta has tessle work & 3D Flowers & Handwork Cutdana in the dress So Zubair Bhai Which styles we can make in this ? Its maxi style would be really good & sharara frock can be made too Because its dupatta is very good matha patti style …double border We are showing such mix n match designs in the first You can make maxi frock for bride OR Sharara We will show sky blue once we show these colours I will open one colour & show You can get rest of its colours & designs In the first.. Sky Blue Colour we have Look at the sky blue colour One we have this lilac type colour Lilac is also very beautiful First show these colours closely Lilac Colour, Dark Maroon Colour Tea Pink Colour Purple Colour (Jamani Colour) This one is silver grey colour This one I got Navy Blue Grey Colour right.. I will open all of their colours and show you MashaALLAH, its designed very nicely Its 3D Flowers work Alhamdulilah you will get beautiful designs at Saeed Cloth House Becoz we make every video on your demand & beautiful designs you will see You have to take screenshot of the colour you like & send it to us through WhatsApp Thats why we are showing opening all the colours and showing Zubair Bhai, if any of our client want dupatta for bride ? We will mix & match for you with this all MashaALLAH Colours & Designs are very awesome Alhamdulilah I say this in every video that at Saeed Cloth House you will get beautiful designs & awesome designs for bride Because you guys like it You share our video with families Alhamdulilah All of our designs & fabrics are very unique I will show you this clearly without lining This is dark purple Because my customers demanded this design very much We are showing this purple specially for those customers MashaALLAH, designs is fabolous Show this style from far Its saree would be also beautiful because its one tone work Contrast dhaga isnt used in this Tell their prices zubair bhai It will cost you Rs.3500 per YARD You can avail further discount in this Because it is heavy work and very beautiful work Very unique and latest, see this MashaALLAH, its work is beautiful Its very lighter cutdana with 3D Flowers right Like I showed you this design You can show there Alhamdulilah, all the designs are latest & we are showing this design, look at this too We are showing its sky blue colour You can get 5 more colours in this Its also heavy work We have mixed and matched a dupatta for bride I will show you its dupatta too Look at the dupatta style too It will be Rs.2800 per YARD You can get more colours in this, I will show you You will see the colours too. Show their colours zubair bhai This mint green colour Coffee Colour Tea Pink, Black Colour Rose Gold Colour You can see their colours as well This is mint green colour Its very beautiful style If any customer want peplum frock This is coffee brown colour with golden touch You can make sharara & maxi in this All of the designs are latest & unique You can have front open style sharara style Maxi Style, Peplum Frock Any style you can have in this We will open this and show you so you can have an idea whoever asks that how we can make dupatta ? Show this bunches closely If we couldnt mix n match dupatta then we give plain dupatta and applic this motives on plain dupatta & it becomes fancy dupatta As zubair is telling that you can applic this bunches on simple net Many customers made it here What designs do have more ? This is heavy dress MashaALLAH it is very beautiful Its saeed bhai’s own designs I had it before too and Many sisters liked it & alot of customers liked it You can see its style Actually our customers demanded this one very much We are getting this design repeatedly We will show heavy dupatta style with this We have 8 more colours in this We are showing this openely so you can see the design clearly Its a proper dress for bride MashaALLAH, its work is beautiful Alhamdulilah, Its my own designs Some of our clients & subscribers advices saeed bhai because We are bringing designs like that Alhamdulilah all of customers liked our designs Those who visited our shop, our karachi clients Alhamdulilah, everyone liked it Our USA, London clients also liked our designs One of our sister…. She is at UK She gives us very good advices We are thankful to those who comments tells us to bring the following colour Show their colours You can see its colours After getting stitch, It will give amazing look Look at this We will mix & match dupatta in red too Here is red colour mix & match because many of our clients demand red colour alot Take out its lining.. After this I will show you colours InshaALLAH, all of its colours are awesome, you will like it I will tell you its prices too It will be Rs.3500 per YARD MashaALLAH, its heavy work Chaman Bhai, show it closely becuase our customer demands Show its work You can see dupatta’s heavy border Its made up on matha patti After getting stitched, MashaALLAH, its look would be incredible This is rose gold colour combination MashaALLAH, its very beautiful Many customers likes Saeed Cloth House’s designs MashaALLAH, I will show you their colours Give me its colours enayat khan Look at Navy Blue Colour Look at Smoke Grey Colour All the colours are good I will show you their colours This is dark maroon & this one is silver grey & this one is golden colour You will get this all mix & match for brides & This is tea pink colour of it Its also a beautiful colour MashaALLAH, I recieved this designs today This designs are made nicely You will like this Alhamdulilah, you guys liked all the designs After that I will show you a design I have one 3D Flower, I will show you that design too Its in all-over style You can see it All of its colours are here. Look at its style Show this openely This is all-over 3D style MashaALLAH, its work is so nice Sharara Style, Peplum Frock MashaALLAH, all of its styles would be good You can make any style in this because its arz is bigger You can make any style This is full jhaal, like if you want for maxi, saree OR sharara Show their colours as well This is grey This one is golden colour & This is dark green colour Dark Green Colour is also beautiful & This one is coffee colour This is navy blue colour This is pyaazi pink colour & This one black colour Black Colour is also beautiful You can see all of its colours MashaALLAH, its work is beautiful Prices will be Rs.3500 per YARD InshaALLAH You’ll get discount from Saeed Cloth House You can order as soon as possible We will give you good discount InshaALLAH Look at this style Enayat Khan make shararaw style then show This is sharara style of it, Its look is amazing I’ll show you blouse style with this You can make short frock & blouse of it I will show mix & match then I will show you its colours Alhamdulilah whenever we make a video Its our own designs Many customers likes our design & watches our video much interest, I am thankful to them Alhamdulilah, at Saeed Cloth House You will get new & latest designs every time Alhamdulilah, whoever contacted us through or visited our shop I showed them new designs & fabrics So Its our own designs of shop We will show you further colours in this We have 8 colours in this at first we got this jamani colour This is golden colour of it Navy Blue Colour as well MashaALLAH, all the colours are latest This is light purple Lilac Colour This is sky blue colour MashaALLAH, you are watching InshaALLAH, today we are working hard at Saeed Cloth House You must like this video Commend on our video as well because you will get to see more awesome designs & This another heavy style design in 3D Flower Give me its matching Give me tea pink lining This style is also for brides I will mix and match in this and make a dress Saeed Bhai show the 3D heavy jhaal dupatta style Okay.. Come here zubair bhai This is very latest & unique design Its work is so beautiful You can make any style in this As zubair bhai said we will show its dupatta style for brides Look at this with flare Like you want to make maxi for valima Its very heavy work for brides We are showing maxi dupatta style MashaALLAH, these designs are very beautiful Today, customers liked them so much at our shop. I will show you their colours too Prices are very reasonable for brides Its Rs.3500 per YARD This navy blue is also mix & match You can make sharara, frock which are trending nowadays. & This is one is bright golden colour of it Golden is also good colour This one is rose gold colour at first i showed tea pink & this one is rose gold & this light ferozi in this This is lilac colour of it & one is black yeah one customer demanded black too We will mix & match black These designs & fabrics are very beautiful As I got new designs today Alhamdulilah, I get latest designs daily We will get more designs too Alhamdulilah, whatever i show in my videos Alhamdulilah, all of customers like it I will put shirt style then show Put shirt style Zubair Bhai I forgot to say something

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