3 thoughts on “Chinese sponsored forced marriage with Uyghur girls

  1. Through old "Silk Road", many central/western/southern Asia people immigrated to China. Han Chinese and those minorities intermarriage for thousand years, culture and race become very close through assimilation.

    For example, Jewish people came to Kaifeng of Henan province at about Tang Dynasty (618–907). China doesn't have antisemitism, Jewish people intermarriage with Han Chinese so many generations that they almost lost Judaism feature, only can tell Jewish people in Keifeng from their bigger noses, all looks like us Han Chinese. Same for Hui (Muslim) people, they are in China for about 1400 years and gradually absorbed to big Chinese family through assimilation.

    ISIS outside China do try to baffle Chinese Muslim (mainly in Xinjiang) to do putsch, but not too many to follow ISIS. Most Muslim cherish the peace and happy life inside China even though they are not wealthy. They cooperate with local government to fight terrorists. China's West Development Strategy (as well as CPEC) will help most Muslim in western China.

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