Christmas Decoration and Birthday Celebration| Vlogmas 2018 [CC]

*To the tune of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”
while playing ukulele* ♫I wish you a merry Vlogmas [X3], and a happy new year!♫ It’s
me, Cheyenne! And welcome back to Vlogmas…kind of…um… So…*laughs* I suck at daily vlogging. We know this by now! If you scroll through my Vlogmases and Dwarf
Vlogs, you will find that they are not consistant, and I think in 2019 I’m gonna do all these
daily vlogs events a little differently, as in…not daily. We are getting new flooring on Monday, so
that’s coming up. So one of the things that makes it hard for
me to daily vlog is my day to day life is not really exciting enough that I feel like
it would be interesting enough for a vlog, and when it is “exciting,” it’s not something
I can really vlog, or it’s not really something you guys would wanna watch. At least, I don’t feel like you wanna watch. So, an example of this is this week, I went
down to Valdosta to get things set up for classes and stuff. I will talk more about that in a later video,
I think, once I get more information. Essentially, trying to get things set up there
with my classes, which oh my god, I can’t believe I’m about to start working towards
my bachelor’s degree! And again, I will go into more detail about
that later. Why am I tucking my hair behind my ear a thousand
times? I was down there doing that, and obviously
that’s not really something I can vlog. Can’t really vlog sitting in various offices
trying to set stuff up. It’s weird. *laughs* And then, while we were down there,
I got to meet up with one of my best friends, who I hadn’t seen in 4.5 years! You know who you are, I’m not gonna mention
who you are because I don’t know if you wanna be in this video or anything, but I had a
great time hanging out with you! And the lipsticks that we swatched at Ulta
is still there! That little bit of pink here, it’s still there
two days later after several washes! So, I may have to go back for that lipstick! But, I figure you guys don’t wanna watch me
walking around swatching makeup at Ulta and walking around Victoria’s Secret and shoe
stores and…just doesn’t really strike me as something that’s really “vlog-y” As a transition,
here’s a cute clip of my Grandma’s dog, Angel, last night, so here’s that! *laughs* Hey! Are you sleeping on Bella? *Bella giggling* Bella’s somewhere in there! Oh! There’s the rainbow hat! *laughs* I see you,
Bella! And Angel! [irrelevant background noise] [hammering]
[more irrelevant background noise] I don’t know if it’ll pick it up, but she fell asleep
on my bed! Where am I supposed to sleep? She’s not even off to the side, she’s in the
middle of the bed! *mouths “help”* [noise] There’s a hawk on our swing set! [background
noise and chatting] Whatcha doing, Bella? I’m just holding the top of the tree. [more background noise and chatting] No, no
get in here! Get in the picture! Without the bread in my ear! Get over here! *laughter* I like it! Gross! We’re gonna sing best wishes to you in Italian,
ok? Are you gonna start clapping? Um…*Bella laughing* Alright, 1, 2, 3, *Sings
“Happy Birthday in Italian* Happy birthday! Now make a wish! Wasn’t able to vlog while putting it together,
but here’s me and Bella’s tree! Can you have Bella close her eyeballs? Sure. Bella, close your eyes. Spin her around here! Alright, now Bella, this is a present from
your Sissy. Keep your eyes closed. Move your arms, keep you eyeballs closed,
ok? Hold them out. Hold them out like this. Alright, this is from your Sissy. Open your eyeballs! *Bella screams* THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! *me
laughing* Hold on, hold on! Let me help you! Comes with it’s own little bag! Still gotta be careful, but it does come with
its bag. Are you ready to see it? Yes!!! *Bella gasping* THANK YOU!!!! That’s a real one, that’s not a toy! Want me to hold that for a second? *me laughing and having to turn the camera
off so I don’t drop it while she is hugging me* [background noise] *Cheyenne playing ukulele
and singing “Jingle Bells”*

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