How Much Melania Trump Was Worth Before She Married Donald

How Much Melania Trump Was Worth Before She Married Donald

It’s safe to say that Melania Trump now leads
a lavish life. But was she always loaded? From her hard-working Eastern European roots
to her success in the modeling world, she actually did just fine as a bachelorette. Here’s how much Melania was worth before she
married Donald Trump. Born Melania Knavs in what is now Slovenia,
Melania was raised under Communist rule. Her father, Viktor, was a salesman at a state-owned
car company, while Melania’s mother, Amalija, developed children’s clothing patterns at
a factory. In GQ, Melania said of her parents: “They’re both hard-working. They’re both very smart and very capable. They grew up in totally different environments,
but they have the same values, they have the same tradition.” It was clear from an early age that Melania
was determined to lead a prosperous life. A former high school classmates told The New
York Times: “She tried to find opportunities, and took
them.” Melania may have have had a leg up, her father
was allegedly a part of the Communist party. Being a member had benefits. And only a tiny percentage of Slovenians belonged. Although she’s been brushed off as a “vapid-model
trophy wife” by the media, Melania had bigger aspirations before deciding to pout in front
of the camera. Stane Jerko, the photographer who originally
spotted Melania, said she initially wasn’t interested in modelling. He told GQ: “School was the most important thing for her.” Melania studied architecture at Ljubljana
University. Professor Blaz Vogelnik told the Daily Beast: “I can put my hand in the fire to prove that
she was a very intelligent student with a high IQ.” However, Melania never graduated and instead
ditched her freshman year-end exam for a modeling career. Vogelnik mused that the timeline might not
have been fast enough for the budding model. “She must have realized that it would take
her six to seven more years of studies before she could start making good money as an architect.” The average Slovenian architect makes the
equivalent of $32,735 USD in 2020, so there’s no denying that Melania’s decision to leave
academia would pay off, modeling ultimately led her to Donald Trump. Melania left Slovenia for Milan after her
first year in college, and in 1996, she caught the eye of wealthy Italian businessman Paolo
Zampolli, who helped her travel to America on a modeling contract and a work visa. During a 2016 campaign speech in Pennsylvania,
Melania said: “I loved my work, and as a young entrepreneur,
I wanted to follow my dream to a place where freedom and opportunity were in abundance.” Although she never made it to the supermodel
status of Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss, Melania Trump had a successful modeling career. After immigrating to America at 26 years old,
Melania had to compete against younger models for lucrative contracts. Melania’s former roommate, photographer
Matthew Atanian, told GQ: “It’s not a friendly industry to models of
that age. She aired frustration over the work issue…She
was going to castings every day and not succeeding every day. She said things were very different in Europe,
that she had been more successful.” Melania began auditioning for work that her
underage competitors couldn’t be hired for, such as tobacco and alcohol ads. Among her first big jobs was a Camel cigarettes
billboard in Times Square. As she gained notoriety for her relationship
with Donald Trump, Melania’s star, and rate, rose. She appeared on the covers of Vogue and Vanity
Fair, among other publications. Melania also found success working with photographers
such as Patrick Demarchelier, Helmut Newton, and Ma io Testino. According to documents obtained by the Associated
Press in 2016, Melania was paid for 10 modeling jobs in the United States – worth $20,056. And all of that work occurred in the seven
weeks before she had legal permission to work in the US. It’s an ironic find, considering her husband’s
immigration policies, some of which severely restrict the work opportunities of legal immigrants
who attempt to pursue a career in the United States. Hollywood didn’t come calling for Melania,
who attempted to transition from billboards to the big screen. Her time as an actress was extremely short-lived:
thanks to then-boyfriend Donald Trump, the future FLOTUS nearly nabbed a spot in Sharknado
3, and made a brief cameo in Zoolander in 2001. “Without Derek Zoolander, male modeling wouldn’t
be what it is today.” Melania also briefly worked as a fashion correspondent
for EXTRA. “I will have the stars and the styles here
at fashion week.” Dating Donald Trump certainly came with its
perks, and the story of how Melania Trump got his attention is one that she tells with
pride. According to GQ, the couple met at a party
thrown by Paolo Zampolli in September 1998. Although Donald arrived with someone else,
he was drawn to Melania. When he asked for Melania’s number, she
rejected him and insisted that Donald give his number instead. Melania said, “I wanted to see what kind of number he would
give me; business, home. I’m not a girl doing business with him.” But Melania got more than Donald’s numbers,
she also on the A-list. The press was abuzz wondering who Donald Trump’s
European girlfriend was, and Melania started scoring bigger modeling deals. An infamous British GQ piece from 2000 featured
Melania posing naked on Trump’s customized Boeing 727, wearing handcuffs and diamonds,
and holding a chrome pistol. Although Donald Trump never shouted “You’re
hired” at Melania, a bunch of other companies did, especially after she appeared on The
Apprentice. According to the New York Post, Melania was
offered an endorsement deal with Levi’s jeans after wearing a pair to a meeting on
the television show. Melania launched a line of jewelry in 2010
through QVC and, two years later, founded an anti-aging skincare company. According to the Associated Press, Melania
made between $15,000 and $50,000 in 2016 from these businesses. That same year, Melania filed a libel lawsuit
against the Daily Mail after the newspaper published a piece claiming the future FLOTUS
previously worked as an escort. “Mrs. Trump’s lawyers argue that those scandalous,
unproven allegations hurt future endorsement deals.” In 2017, the Daily Mail paid Melania $2.9
million, adding to her net worth. After marrying Donald Trump in 2005, Melania
is reportedly worth $50 million. She now ties with Jackie Kennedy as the wealthiest
first lady in American history. Thankfully, Melania was successful before
marrying Donald Trump, because he made sure they signed a prenup. The president told Larry King that prenups
are: “Prenups are very tough. ‘Darling, I love you very much, we’re going
to live our lives together forever, by the way sign this or we’re not getting married.'” If things do, in fact, go sour, Melania still
has a $50 million net worth to fall back on, mostly acquired from her modeling days, the
now discontinued QVC jewelry line and various commercials. While nobody knows the details of the Trumps’
marriage, we’re guessing Melania would be just fine if she was “fired” out of The Apprentice
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  2. she was making a few thou here and there… working illegally… then she married Trump now she is worth 50 mill? How was she successful?? I saw Pretty Woman lol, we all know what's up

  3. I love her. She's very smart, I've researched her before and she was much more interesting then I had imagined. She is absolutely gorgeous and is a devoted wife, but most importantly, she is a proud mother who does anything to support her son, Barron. I think she is very warm, and just an all around lovely woman!! I think people don't like her very much because she is very quiet, I think it makes people think she's snobby, very cold, and just another gold digger. She's not anyone of those these repulsive women, she's actual the antithesis of that type of woman. When she met Donald Trump he asked for her phone number and she didn't even give it to him, she asked for his, and he gave her every single number he had!! I love that she did that!!

  4. Only in the USA, is Slovenia considered Eastern Europe!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    It's an ex-Jugo country, sharing borders with Austria and Italy!
    Plz, get your geo-political facts straight,or you are just one more piece of the misinformation!
    As a Euro, I am insulted by the stupidity, of this sort of 'news'.
    Knowing that many people don't fact check…you are part of the problem!

  5. It’s so funny to read the nasty comments made by women crazed with jealousy and envy and men frustrated by the knowledge that she wouldn’t spit on them .Mrs Trump is very comfortable sleeping in the White House with The President of the United States 🇺🇸 . She is beautiful and has a gorgeous shape . She is a fabulous mother and a wonderful wife ,oh and so rich . She will have Secret Service protection for the rest of her life . God Bless our First Lady . Shoo shoo you demon jealous frustrated haters . She wins.

  6. She made money because she was paid for her services. I'm not buying this. If she had so much money, why is someone who looks like HER, hanging on to a fat broke ass slob? She is a gold digger. If she is so smart and resourceful, how come we've NEVER heard of anything "successful" that she has done on her own?

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    He changed a lot, and I think, she will leave him, after the election. With Barron of course.

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