100 thoughts on “Single Girls Try On Amazon Wedding Dress

  1. $400 wedding dress from David's Bridal. No alterations walked out with it the day of. Actually 3 years ago today 🤣

  2. Yesssssss!!!!!!!! My favourite girls!!!!!!!! I love these two!!!!!!! Iconic QUEENS 👸 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. I didn't like Joyces dresses tbh not that she's not beautiful I just there could've been more prettier dresses for her Maya's dress though looks really good

  4. Haha…. Colleen Ballinger definitely didn't just do basically this exact same video….. hahaha…. not at allllll

  5. Ugh maya in the first dress. Crying because 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    I’d order it!!!

    Wish there were links provided for each dress

  6. @vivianelisevintage is where I bought my wedding dress. Under $500 and 70 years old. #sustainableweddingdress

  7. I never understood the expensive dress thing until I tried it on and fell in love. I was sad to walk away from it, so I bought it a week later😁😁 $1500 was $1900 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  8. Looked at Amazon when I got married, but was afraid of what I would really get. But I kept looking online and got mine o. TJ Maxx for $99 and I loooooooooved it!!!

  9. " I don't get it why people pay 1,000 for a dress…"
    1- Try to make one by yourself
    2- You never tried a real wedding dress right?
    3- You know nothing about sewing …

  10. My wedding dress only cost me $195 and it was custom sizing and corset back. Trumpet style, long train and beading on the bodice, and the best part is I got it online and it was about a month long wait.

  11. okay when they changed fashion show it reminded me of kelly from the office
    “fashion show! fashion show! fashion show at lunch!”

  12. When you wanted links but your forget buzzfeed isn't clever…and doesn't care if we actually are interested in the product or not.

  13. The first dress Maya tried on has the same cut and details as the one my grandma wore in 1947. It's so lovely but it wouldn't have fit me in its original size, much less now bcs one of my aunts got it adjusted for her wedding and she's always been very skinny. Now that I know they actually sell something very similar I think I could actually get it from there but idk bcs fast fashion makes me feel very guilty. I haven't bought anything from Amazon but since they are some of the worst, maybe I'll just show the design to an acquaintance who's a seamstress, she's very supportive of other women, and of LGBT+, racialised and disabled people, she's against all types of bigotry. And see if we can afford it, I think she'll make me a discount but I'm on a survival wage. My fiance convinced me from getting a dress from ebay to see if it would work for our wedding in spite of it being fast fashion too so we could see if that was a possibility and since I was expecting everything to be so tiny I asked the size based on their size chart and how they recommend " a size bigger due to measurement mistakes" and it was ridiculous, it looks like a weird robe, it semi transparent and it's twice as big that what the seller said. It's so ludicrous only a 7 ft tall plus sized person would fit and it would still be kind of a maxi dress but it only good as summer pijamas. Flucking exploiters. Going dress shopping stresses me so much and I've gotten panic attacks due to harassment, but I wouldn't feel bad about the people making the dresses bcs I'd be going to the places I used to go to bcs they support sustainable fashion and don't have production lines or abused seamstresses, hence it's kind of expensive. The problem is that store attendants in party dress shops whether they're exploiting the people who make the dresses or not, are very mean and even in the cases they do have dresses my size (bcs their catalogues say so) they straight up have told me and other plus size women that they don't eyeing us up with disgust and being all stuck up and fake. It's so awful. The owners of the shops are the designers and they tend to be respectful and welcoming but they don't stop their employees from being cruel. The people that tend to go for those jobs tend to be very shallow, embittered and insecure. Whilst I guess the designers are chill bcs they are profiting from it and seem to be more aware of the body positivity movement. Whether they believe in it or not we are clients anyway. I was able to deal with predatory people and go through life knowing how not to pay attention to people who aren't worth it years ago but now with CPTSD and social phobia it's hell.

  14. I didn't like either dress on Joyce. Those aren't good shapes for her body. I think the 1st one on Maya was super beautiful. The second one I didn't like so much.

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