This Alaskan Bush People Star’s Marriage Has Gone Beyond Weird

This Alaskan Bush People Star’s Marriage Has Gone Beyond Weird

Alaskan Bush People follows the so-called
survivalist family, the Browns, as they live a seemingly off-the-grid existence in remote
locations. If that sounds interesting, wait until you
hear about the marriage of youngest son, Noah Brown, and his wife, Rhain. “I can assure you that my intentions are completely
honorable and that I will protect her honor with my meager life.” “Okay, that sounds great.” It was a little surprising when fans learned
in March 2019 that Noah and Rhain had left the family’s home in Washington for a cottage
in Colorado. As for what inspired the sudden move, a source
told Radar Online, “[The family] did not leave on good terms
[after] Rhain got into a huge fight [with Noah’s younger sister, Snowbird].” The insider went on to allege that the couple
headed east because they were done with “family drama,” and were eager to, quote, “raise their
son as far away as possible.” Yikes. Snowbird has always been open about her issues
with Rhain. According to Pop Culture, she opened up about
her feelings on accepting Rhain into the family, saying, “It’s definitely not that I don’t want the
family to expand or things to change. Having more sisters is something I always
wanted, but Noah’s girl and I, we’ve never really seen eye-to-eye; we’ve never really
gotten along. I guess our personalities clash.” Matriarch Ami Brown supposedly went into full-on
controlling mode after the couple welcomed their first son, Elijah, in February 2019. “After an 18-hour labor, we finally have him. So without further ado, this is…” “This is Elijah Connor, everyone.” A supposed insider explained to Radar Online
in March 2019, “Ami is trying to tell Rhain how she parented
because it is important for Ami to be able to have that connection with her first grandson. [Noah is] finding that his family and mother
are a bit overbearing right now and he just kind of wants some space for a minute.” Noah’s supposed frustration was also compounded
by Billy’s alleged insistence that baby Elijah make his debut on Alaskan Bush People sooner
than later. The source continued, “[Noah] just wants everyone to chill.” according to Traveler’s Joy. In their fundraising announcement, the couple
said, “Help us enjoy our honeymoon in Montana! Thank you with lots of love! We have never needed a lot, but these few
things would go a long way and be much appreciated.” Shortly after the two launched the page, however,
they received some backlash for supposedly not being forthcoming about the financial
details behind their fundraiser. One fan alleged to Radar Online that there
was a minimum gift amount plus additional handling charges. Noah and Rhain reportedly tried to clear things
up on Facebook by saying that the page was actually for guests of the wedding meaning
it was basically intended to be a wedding registry. The Alaskan Bush People seem like salt-of-the-earth
types, but Rhain and Noah put that into question when they threw together a fan meet-and-greet
in March 2018, months before their wedding. Unfortunately for Rhain and Noah, their fan
event reportedly didn’t go so well. A person who supposedly attended the event
told Radar Online, “It was a total bomb and Noah and Rhain looked
completely upset by it. From preparations it was obvious that they
were expecting a large crowd. What they don’t realize is that they only
have a few die-hard fans. Most of the residents do not want them here.” As strange as some aspects of their marriage
may sound, it’s clear Rhain and Noah are in love. According to Us Weekly, Noah gushed about
his lady in an October 2017 Facebook post, writing in part, “Rhain Alisha has been so patient and supporting
[me] through everything that has been happening […] and all in all I have been thinking
of how thankful I am that she moved in with [me] instead of going back to Oregon and now
we are engaged and planning our life together.” Jump ahead to the birth of their son in February
2019, and Noah was still gushing about his wife, telling People, “Rhain is a wonderful mother already, I am
truly in awe of her and we are both very grateful and excited to welcome him to our family.” A source told Radar Online in May 2019 that
the two were already thinking about expanding their family again. The insider claimed, “They really want to have their children be
close in age so that they can grow up together, like Noah and his siblings did.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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  1. The baby is absolutely ADORABLE! WOW! cutie pie! Congrats to the new mumma! So exciting, I loved the first year so much, a magical time really! Awww

  2. None deserves their own show cause it's fake af. If I had to choose it would be asMatt he needs to go to celebrity rehab,I might watch part of it.

  3. Noah better know he can raise his son from a distance and family is all he will ever have I think she a gold digger and looking for someone with some money period

  4. These idiots ever go to the dentist are they doing methWhat a goofball family idiots Their parents should be ashamed of themselves

  5. Is this new "wife" the same model that discovery brought in? Didn't she wear a prego suite or something to look pregnant? I wonder if this would help or hurt her career. I think they'll keep her around for a while for the Moon-beam/Snowbird drama.

  6. Noha has a weird thing going on in his pants, he is totally hung and uncut and a huge set of low hangers…….nice..

  7. Ami since the start of the show was pushing for grandchildren. I had a feeling she would by that type of grandmother.
    – happy for Noah being his own man. Snowbird needs to get over herself

  8. Uhm I know this has nothing to do with noah and his wife and kids, but, I I just looked at an episode where gabe gathered his siblings and told them his wife's pregnant. Wasn't she pregnant already when they got married? She did look pregnant to me

  9. Finally……all those guys in the bush with no women around makes you wonder, that forest is full of seemen and possibly some animals. The show is shit

  10. Dang there’s a lot of hate on here they seem like decent enough people to me. Raising a family not in drugs loving each other seems ok to me. And if you don’t wanna send them money then don’t it’s simple..

  11. I really like this family, the way of living is challenging and beautiful. I watched the program lots. I wish them all luck of the world combined, greetings from Holland 🇳🇱

  12. Hilarious to watch his sister get so jealous that he is banging someone else. Maybe you should fix that front tooth birdie and somebody other than your father would bang you. This family is a bunch of scumbags inbred trash

  13. The first clip that was not rhain that was that girl that took off to college…those were her parents or grandparents but not rhain

  14. Noah: "I can assure you my intentions are completely honorable and that I will protect her honor with my meager life"
    Parents: "….mmmm….ok….."

  15. Two in Alaskan bush people made false claims to the IRS to hoodwink thousands dollars Alaskan oil revenue checks. Series should be cancelled.

  16. They’re really weird people. I can’t believe they actually asked for money. Didn’t Discovery pay them enough???

  17. i wish noah his child and wife only the best …but a word of advice to them is to keep the kids out of view of the public … theres always an asshole keyboard warrior
    that will make things miserable for them in the real world

  18. Lol… Oh man. Yo I try to not hate on folks, but these MFs are outta pocket. Big mistake ever making them famous. They lie constantly, bring nothing special to the table, and basically a bunch of strange ducks who constantly trying to come up with ways to stay relevant and/or get attention. IDK I know I sound like a hater but like my boy in the video said… Yikes. Hah.

  19. Why would they have a go fund me for a honeymoon? They had a show for years, you think they would have made enough money doing that? Anyways they are not normal and all seem inbred. Im surprised someone married that clown.

  20. What I find strange is the major difference in personalities in each kid. You would swear they came from different parents.

  21. It's so hilarious when Noah puts himself on the same pedestal as Nikola Tesla, Einstein and Newton. Is a bit Delusional. But Freaking Hilarious haha Love it…..

  22. Wow. Haters. Apparently you all watched the show, so something is interesting. Family is drama. And sometimes family doesn't get along. I think if you focused a camera on any one of our families we would have our weirdos. I'm not a fan of how the family treats the environment, but I consider them actors not reality. This is a theatrical group that happens to be related, and their production is shot on semi out of the way locations. If they weren't at all "different," they wouldn't be interesting to watch. But in truth; what's the difference between that show and any other TV show? I remember "Jack Ass." Which was, arguably, fun to watch. Takes our attention off the news. If you're going to complain about a contrived, orchestrated, dramatic shit-show, what about Fox or CNN? (there, I put them both on there so you don't get all distracted 😉

  23. I love this program, but why the hell did not Billy and Ami take them to a denist when they were young? Bird teeth are horrible
    and she has become so heavy?

  24. How many girls would want to be stuck with Noah, live in his world his giant mad scientist tent and another tent to live in out miles and miles away from anything, and have him provide for you make love entertain etc… ?

  25. How long does Gabe have to wear braces ? And sideburns? When I saw this video this image of Gabe and his silly smile popped into my head he seems like a guy that could easily be brain washed

  26. On the show it cracks me up when he says "I wanna give my wife all the luxuries she had growing up, and also more than anyone could ever give her. So, I'm building her a shower!"

  27. What problem is that these folks are really nice and good people but all of the haters are judging them by their own selfish greed ways! People that have good qualities are sweet inside they don't scheme they are straight forward with their intentions but the bad apples judging them wrongly

  28. Rhain is from where I live an I find that so awesome she ended up marrying Noah. I don't know her personally but we have mutual friends . Still blows my mind!!!

  29. The brown poop incest t a r d e d challenged family of idiots was upset because the custom of incest what's pagan outside of the family

  30. The clip you showed with Noah talking to the man and woman has nothing to do with Rhain. That was him asking to date their niece that was staying with them. If yall can't understand this family, the problem is you, not them. Could you stand having a camera record you 24/7, 365? Nobody is perfect, but this family has perfected the "family" I'd love to have every one of them as my neighbors!!

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