Top Trends 2020… according to Pinterest ! ǀ Fashion, Interiors, Pop Culture ǀ Justine Leconte

Top Trends 2020… according to Pinterest ! ǀ Fashion, Interiors, Pop Culture ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. Every year
pinterest publishes the reports about the trends that they see growing on
their website. it’s fun to look into because it’s what actual people like you
and me have been searching on the platform so you can’t say oh no this is
not a trend certainly not because it’s based on actual figures right so on
worldwide search volumes to be precise you can however absolutely say whoa
this is not a trend where I live certainly not and that’s where it gets
interesting every year I do this video and every year I stumble across things
and trends and keywords that I had not noticed that are absolutely not trending
where I am which is Germany and it makes me think so I hope that in this video
you will find inspiration just like I did while preparing and researching for
it as every year I built boards of these trends on my own Pinterest account which
is here you’re welcome to have a look in there and keep the pins that you like
for your own boards the first trend has to do with moving away from binary
gender considerations you see that very clearly it’s extremely visible in
fashion unisex brands are sprouting up like mushrooms especially when you look
at street style labels same thing for organic labels which is a different
category where it finds inspiration somewhere else but they’re also creating
campaigns where you see couples wearing the same kind of t-shirt or they will
write that this t-shirt is a unisex fit or they will use the same size table for
men and women and let’s be honest measuring men’s next to determine their
shoe sizes was not a very good system anyway non-binary looks are also more
and more common in show business starting with kpop brands typically like
it yes whose fame really radiates way beyond the borders of their own country
they cultivate an androgynous look which includes the outfit of course but also
the hairstyle and the makeup men wearing makeup
generally speaking isn’t a rare thing anymore and if you think about it
when getting ready for women involves putting on some makeup
why couldn’t we expect or accepts the same thing for men so
or people exactly searching on Pinterest androgynous wedding dresses tuxedo dress
a remarkable one by the way was designed by the designer Christian Siriano for
the Academy Awards last year it was worn by Billy Porter and since then both
mass-market brands and fast fashion brands have picked up on that trend then
gender-neutral haircuts not just for long hair for short hair for men as if
that was one single category it’s decidedly more something in between that
blurs the lines a little bit and I find that quite refreshing then become worse
that I’m personally very happy about if I may put a bit of my own opinion in
this report lists of gender-neutral names for a future baby unisex
gender-neutral kids clothes I like that because I am from friends and friends
little girls are supposed to wear pink and it will boys blue they are pre
decided lists of toys that are appropriate to give little girls versus
toys for little boys there are unspoken rules about how you’re supposed to
educate your child based on his saw head agenda and I find that difficult when a
friend of my got a baby and I went to buy a teddy bear for the child
the salesperson asked me well we have many different colors is it a boy or a
girl and I thought it’s teddy bear why does the color matter and I don’t want
pink and I don’t want blue anyway to put things into perspective in previous
centuries and friends when we still have Kings male royal children would wear
pink not blue because pink was the softer color made from red and red was
the color of the kings so I don’t really know when that switched and why we are
currently obsessed with little girls having to wear pink but I digress here
let’s come back to the Pinterest report the next booming trend is about a more
conscious consumption and living style my Instagram feed right now is full of
posts where you can tell that the people posting are starting to question the way
they live their lives and whether they can make
their lifestyle more sustainable on all levels I would say for example low-waist
lifestyle is a growing search term you can also find many tutorials on YouTube
dealing with how to get closer to zero waste in your bathroom or in your
kitchen typically eco-friendly swaps means
replacing a consumption item a disposable item by a more sustainable
option for instance replacing cotton makeup removing pads by a washable cloth
how to make your own deodorant instead of buying a chemical one and then throw
away the plastic packaging if you’re new to this topic of conscious living and
zero waste in particular do have a look at my Pinterest board because in there I
gather super insightful blog posts on how to get you started how to tutorials
etc as well as lists of brands that are either super sustainable or even already
zero waste this sustainable consumption trend is also absolutely influencing the
fashion industry people look for low waste wedding thrifted wedding dress
because it’s a fair point right why puts so much money into a garment
that you will only wear once secondhand fashion is another one and
three stores who are active on instagram should definitely also share their
photos on Pinterest because there are people really are looking for
inspiration before they consider actually buying something thrift store
crafts that are trending include for instance how to repurpose an old dresser
by painting it how to repurpose in old straw baskets how to restore a retouch
it’s good that we are learning this kind of skill again and making things with
your hands is super satisfying the next trend 90s revival tell me you didn’t see
that one coming we know this is a current trend but the fun thing here is
to look at which elements are reappearing today from that decade and
I’d like to ask you a question here before moving on please pause this video
if you remember the 90s the first time around and tell me in the comments what
for you was typical of that decade what do you remember in my case that would be
the Spice Girls all the boys bands a mix of them they
were all pretty similar in the buffalo shoes nanananana right so what is your thing from the 90s
now let’s see what is making the cut on Pinterest hair scrunchie I would
question whether that’s the most important thing to remember from the 90s
okay then we have hair clips nineties where I think okay maybe I’m just wrong
and that was actually all about hair then comes the word y2k outfits and I
had to look up what that actually means at the end of the 90s they were new
technical fabrics used very often in monochromatic looks that looked super
futuristic thing of this huge curved sunglasses out of science fiction movies
rubber reinvented vinyl gore-tex this kind of thing an obsession for the
coming year 2000 problem your 2k y2k that’s where the name is coming from
when people thought that all computers would stop working on December 31st
remember that and at the end of the 90s we also saw the rise of huge logos Prada
Gucci monograms printed all over vans and all the skateboard friends look at
the brand supreme today their concept is the same right it’s one huge logo red
and white it’s very 90s inspired in the end and now that I know what y2k
actually means I’m thinking it can very well be the rooting inspiration behind
Kemp Kemp was the theme of last year’s Met Gala metropolitan museum gala in New
York I do a video about this every year reviewing who is best dress based on the
theme and in that video which I link here and down below I’m explaining also
what Kemp means because it’s a complex concept but currently I feel like that’s
a major theme influencing pop culture and to conclude this 90s revival we have
the buzzwords hip hop street wear and grunge fashion that’s no surprise
because they all were major cultural developments and you’ll go down the
rabbit hole if you type these words in because the amount of pins is endless
really fun I also wanted to share some bonus trends that have nothing to do
with fashion actually but that looked really pretty
and if you enjoy beautiful pins you can have a look at these ones as well
French antiques Spanish style bathrooms and then my two favorite ones Australian
garden landscaping you’d be surprised what comes up when you type in that word
and bring outdoors inside and these two made me very curious because if you
think about it the next logical step after wanting to
leave a more conscious environmentally friendly lifestyle is to want to bring
more nature into your daily environment as well and that means into your home it
makes so much sense thumbs up if you enjoyed this video thank you very much
let me know in the comments which words you’re going to start pinning about now
after watching this if you want more inspiration from Pinterest I did the
same video last year and the trends were completely different I will link that
video here as well as down below in the description and I will add another one
in here and there as well about trends but this time from the runways it’s a
completely different source of inspiration but I feel like taking
inspiration from different sources makes it more holistic and more elevated don’t
forget to subscribe to this channel before you go watch something else and I
also want to address special thank you to everyone of you who helps translate
my videos by contributing subtitles in all possible languages you guys are
amazing because that helps make the videos accessible to more people all
around the world so thank you very much for your help I will see you soon in a
new video and until then take care

100 thoughts on “Top Trends 2020… according to Pinterest ! ǀ Fashion, Interiors, Pop Culture ǀ Justine Leconte

  1. Hi everyone! My first video after the break… I hope that you'll enjoy it & that you'll tell me your favorite thing(s) from the 90's 😉 Also, we are moving new uploads from Sunday to WEDNESDAY – it's the day that won in the survey 🥳 See you soon, here or on Instagram 💛

  2. Grunge music & styles – baggy pants, body suits and plaid shirts & jackets. Doc Martin's (would love a new pair today) and Beverly Hills 90210

  3. My 90s memories: Dr. Marten's, flannel, choker necklaces, Nirvana, and all the other grunge and alternative bands. 💜

  4. I hate the blurring of gender expressions. It makes young men more confused since they want social approval but natural masculinity is criticized as being "toxic". What is pushed at us by designers and media is not the natural expression of normal masculine men. The differences between males and females are attractive, sexy, and exist to sustain the species.

  5. I love your insight! Thanks so much! I’m definitely going to look into Australian gardening and bringing the outdoors inside

  6. 90’s memories-
    mom jeans the were “pegged”
    Doc Martins
    Spiral curls
    Fanny packs
    Oversized thrift store blazers and coats
    Chunky healed shoes ( offer with squarish toes)
    Tori Amos

  7. For me, the 90's was huge hair and huge eyebrows! And shoulder pads, but depends which end of the 90's! Hugs

  8. I graduated high school in the very early 90s. I was a stereotypical poor latchkey GenXer. So, fashion and trends I gravitated to were grunge, goth, thrift store DIY. Flannel shirts, oversized torn jeans, leggings, calico print dresses, Vans, Doc Martens, dark lip color, black, and yes, the occasional scrunchie!😉
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twin Peaks FTW!

  9. I love your videos and would like to see more added. My favourite thing about the 90’s is my kids- they were all born in the 90’s so that decade was a bit of a blur to me- and mini vans haha! Rollerblades, video games, and skateboards – mushroom cuts and Caesar cuts for boys . I wore overalls a lot.

  10. No one is going to care about superficial trends when we are in the grips of a recession brought on by a pandemic.

  11. I was a teenager in the ‘90
    I remember socks over the knee and very short skirts. Then, when I turned 17, Get’a’Grip army boots came, Miss Sixty clothes and polyester materials

  12. My 11 yr old daughter loves wearing boys shorts, when l buy them from the shops the assistant always seems to think l am buying them for my son. Who cares as long as they are comfortable.

  13. I'm so happy to see that people are starting to think about being eco-friendly …yay, faith in humanity is coming back 😊♥️

  14. I was born in the 1990, what I can remember from that decade is ultra low cut jeans, baggy sports clothes with big logos, merchandising t-shirts, some fluffy fabrics with lurex tread, Levi's and diesel jeans, drowning in ruffles and floral dresses( that I really didn't like), also I remember a textile that is kind of like sequins but on a miniature scale (probably from 80's), lipgloss, and little butterfly accessories for the hair, also…hair gel for the wet look

  15. As an Australian I'm curious what the landscape garden is. As far as I'm aware a typical Aussie backyard is a hills hoist and yellow, dying grass 😂

  16. Interesting, all these things I have been doing for years, except I didn't know about the Australian garden landscape. Thanks

  17. I remember going to London (and Milan) for the first time. Camden town and its vintage market; rock fashion; stop doing my hair curly; a lot of makeup.

  18. One reason why I decided, after some time, to subscribe to your channel was because I noticed that you seem to be very neutral and unbiased when it comes to sensitive subjects. In this video, however, I feel like you could have given your opinion on these trends without giving your personal opinion about the sensitive issues you went into detail about. It seemed a little out of character for you. I was a bit surprised and disappointed. Not because I disagree with you, but because it was unlike your character that I'm used to. Could you perhaps make a video that addresses non-binary labels and men who wear makeup as it's main topic instead? That way viewers will have the option whether or not they want to watch the video. These topics can be sensitive. I just feel that this is meant to be an entirely different video and that opinions regarding the politics behind these subjects are irrelevant to 'Trends on Pinterest'.

  19. Horrible mismatched colours, oversized sweaters, spaghetti strap anything, up to flared jeans comeback in the late 90s…

  20. MEMPHIS GROUP STYLES. literally. Reading Rainbow everywhere. Zoom. Living Single. Fresh Prince of Bel Air. They all had Memphis style.

  21. I was a teenager in the 90s. For me it was wide-leg pants, baggy t-shirts and plaid flannel. Thrift shopping in the vintage section (70s shirts, polyester, crazy prints, bell bottoms) or in the men's section. Doc Martens, grunge music, skate shoes. Ah, the memories!

  22. It is Hitler’s fault. His obsession with labeling male homosexuals during WWII was they were to wear pink at all times. Pink after that was only for females. Our cultural homophobic ideology associated with pink in relation to fashion now exists because of him. I am glad it’s changing. Moving beyond such a destructive mindset is a good thing.

  23. Its funny with the "gender neutral hairstyles and clothes/shoes", that when I was a child in the seventies (Sweden, Germany and England), almost all children had pretty much the same haircuts and it was the same with most clothes. Looking at class photos from then, it could be difficult to tell who was a girl and who was a boy😁 But it seems like both before and after the seventies, clothes, shoes and hairstyles where very much feminine or masculine🤔🙂

  24. 90's–I remember wearing a lot of oversized jeans and thrifted jeans with tiny t-shirts and long sleeved striped shirts underneath. Hippie shirts, Bjork's hair on her debut album, and sparkly things in your hair and on your face 🙂

  25. I have always loved your videos but now I feel very disappointed. Are you proposing to withdraw men from our lives? To dress little boys in frills, bows and laces? When my sons were little boys they somehow managed to play with weapons made by themselves of sticks even though I bought no such toys for them. They grew up to galant young men taking care of women, doing household and taking care of kids yet earning money, giving their places to women in underground, letting them first through the doors, standing up when talking to standing women and not hesitating to act when they see women or anybody in need of protection, including fighting the violent guys. They don’t let their wives carry heavy or for that matter any things and take responsibility for their families. This is natural task of men: equally among primitive tribes and Neandertalers. Men went to wars and protected women and children. Women have sometimes painful menstruations, monthly loosing blood. When pregnant they carry and feed the children from their own body. They breastfeed babies. Men and women differ both physically and mentally. There are just two sexes and two genders, all others need psychological or endocrinological help.
    I’m sorry to unsubscribe. I held you for a wiser person.

  26. I don't care about fashion. I don't know why I'm subscribed and watch every single of your videos 🤣

  27. Zero waste, thrift store shopping, sustainable products, DIY – all these things were at the very core of lifestyle in Soviet Union XD
    but it was not due to responsible consumption, it was due to total deficit.
    it's so funny to see how the world now adopts all this when post-soviet countries made a huge leap away from it.

  28. Welcome back Justine! What i remember most from the 90s are denim jackets and denim overalls, hair clips/pins-big and colorful ones and scrunchies, chunky platform sandals 😊

  29. Ripped jean but actually ripped not “ distressed “ mostly Levi’s red tab men’s bought second hand and the you had to take in the leg from the knee to ankle to make them skinnier than men’s straight leg jeans were. Sometimes I would patch then sometimes wear boxers or long underwear underneath. Plaid or men’s overcoats sometimes old man pants. These were mostly paired with the sort of fitted scoop neck ballet tops / or body suits that are around again the last couple of seasons with a lot of vintage bits and pieces with really expensive boots Daytons and doc martins.
    That covers the end of high school, art college and my first baby
    Little buns on the top of my head to go out dancing

  30. Boy bands, some girl bands how their styles kind of affected how everyone wanted to dress.
    Low-cut pants, whether it be jeans or just low-cut baggy pants with tube tops, bright colored clothes, hair that always had a spiky element to it, bandanas, tiny hairclips, Seinfeld, Friends. Ripped jeans, but it wasn't seen as fashionable.

  31. Du bist eine wunderschöne Frau hast eine tolle Ausstrahlung, ich wünsche dir weiterhin viel Erfolg und alles Liebe und gute 👍💖💞🔥👌😍🌹

  32. For me I think "shiny and sleek" was very quintessentialy nineties.

    Everything was supposed to be shiny. The hair was slicked to the skull and you needed to have those perfect wispy strands coming down at the sides. Colourful hair clips in already twin tailed hair. Form fitting bodycon dresses in weird plastic fabrics. But also that more grungey faded cotton.

    Eyebrows were meant to be thinly plucked and lips thin and obviously lined with dark burgundy or bubblegum pink.

    Basically it was either muted and dark or extremely neon bright. But shiny and sleek… yea that was the thing that tied it together I think.

  33. The problem I have with home-made skin and haircare is that my "friends" more so my peers thinks it's disgusting and unclean… Also I really love knitting and are currently looking for descriptions on traditional chinese (silk) embrodery! I find it so lovely. Environmentally friendly artwork on clothes should become trendy!

  34. I'm from South Africa born 1984
    I totally remeber scrunchies…which I still use and butterfly clips platform shoes dr martens and the scouser (skirt trouser)

  35. I was born in 1990 so I literally grew up in that decade. What I remember, from watching my older cousins, is boy bands, small fashionable backpacks in leather or leaopard print, braids with those circular clips, platforms, denim vests and jackets and bermudas.

  36. The 90s were the epitome of everything neutral…lots of beige, minimalist, sleek looks like Sade, mom jeans, white t-shirts under spaghetti strap dresses… etc

  37. I was the mother of a young child in the 90s so all I remember is my son. I mean, literally, that's all I remember. I think I wore -basically pajamas those first ten years. Baggy t-shirts, weird but comfortable harem pants. I remember one black flowered pair of pants I wore so often I ended up burning them. The fashion seemed like, Oh, look, the 60s and 70s are back- cool. At least we had gotten rid of the big hair, big sneakers and shoulder pads of the 80s!

  38. What I remember of the 90s: the three tenors! Plácido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti, José Carrera. It was a good decade for opera and classical music…

  39. Justine – It happens often that I cannot download your video, as if they were too <big>… it this possible ?

  40. For me 90s was a time of peace in the middle east, spice girls, backstreet boys, traditional healthy gender roles and colourful brand clothes. Westerners used to be decent people and everyone wanted to emulate their culture because how their military acted in Bosnia.

    I think the generation of children born recently are going to deeply resent their parents, because what's cute on TV does not always help you get ahead in life. Reality is feminine women get the hot and high value men and masculine men get the hot girls, so not instilling that in a childhood reduces how attractive your child is to the opposite gender and in highschool all the immigrant kids whose parents trained them in gender binary will take away their crush and they'll be left crying in the cold. From the 90s I remembered how stable things were in the Middle East and how masculine western men were defending Bosnia, that I miss. Look at Syria, Ukraine … western men are too weak to stop a bad guy like Putin doing genocide and invading other countries – so to assuage their lack of morality and agency in the genocide of half a million Syrians that happened before their eyes westerners buy green indulgences.

    Westerners think changing how they consume things absolves them of responsibility for defending their values abroad with their lives. No it doesn't. Either defend people who share your values abroad who ask for your help with your lives, or admit you are a selfish creature of comfort and enjoy your life and indulge rather than deceive people with a fake pseudo morality.

  41. One interesting part of remembering the 90s (on my part at least) is remembering why we stopped wearing those fashions. There are parts of 90s fashion that I truly appreciate, but I wonder if they will be dropped for similar reasons as they were before. Any thoughts on this?

  42. In the 90’s – very fitted jackets with large shoulder pads (worn with tight jeans & ankle boots) for work. Long hair swept up at each side with large combs that clipped together at the top (towards the back) bum-bags (think the Americans called them fanny bags). Ecstasy and Cocaine was big in the party scene.

  43. Gender neutral is uncomfortable. I have the shape of a woman, I want to have clothes that celebrate my shape.

  44. Great video, Justine! I was expecting hear something like “polka dots are coming back” or something like that, and I was wonderfully surprised to hear that conscious, low waste living and gender neutrality are going mainstream! Thank you so much for the video.

  45. I had my daughter in the 70’s and I absolutely dressed her (most times) in gender neutral clothing, rainbow stripped jumper with dungarees… toys were building bricks/Lego, paints, play doh, drawing, books, etc. So I totally understand the need not to stereotype clothing. However, I was shocked when aged eight, she went shopping with her Dad and came back with a completely pink outfit and girl specific toy. When I asked why she chose those, she said that she always wanted to have a pink dress and was the only girl who didn’t have one! I was sad to be honest and thought that maybe I went too far with my views. So, we compromised from then on and she fully understood why I made those choices. We grew up to love completely different things – I love brutalism and she love romantics… oh, well room for all
    PS do you visit Munich jewellery week and if so, what do you think? 🤗

  46. Super helpful, what a lovely way to insert back into the conversation with the most up to date data!! More more more like these please!! Love the ideas as well as the visual stimuli! Stay well, sending you love

  47. About the pink-blue colour association with gender, read that the colour-code used in nazi germany for prisoners had something to do with this, they used pink to mark homosexual individuals.
    Here.s the article:

  48. When i heard you talking about children's colors, I tought " I know perfect video for you to watch!" But unfortunately it is in Slovak laguage:
    She talks about the history from "every child wears white dress" (dress for easy changing dipers, white for easy bleaching), to 1918: "boys should wear pink, girls wear blue", after second World War Eisenhower's wife Mamie loved wearing pink at public. She spread first opinions that pink color is for women … I skip the time to 1980's and ultrasound and sex determination of the child. And also the influence of consumer companies on buying other things for a boy and others for a girl.

  49. I remember Wehrmacht and Doc Marten boots, rap, low rise jeans and very loose jeans, bandana tops, juicy couture and glitter, glitter, glitter.

  50. I remember the 90's very well! I remember grunge – combat boots, plaid flannel shirts, overalls, bodysuits worn with large, oversized pants, long hair, Converse hightops, large sunflower prints on fabric…I could go on forever. 🙂

  51. Karl Lagerfeld said about trends : "Trendy is the last stage before tacky.". I think being true to your style and knowing what looks better on you is more important than becoming a slave of trends. It allows more creativity than following influencers to finally look like everyone else. I missed your videos Justine! Always a pleasure to watch.

  52. It's so heartening that 'low waste lifestyle' and 'ecofriendly swaps' are trending… I saw a video once about a woman who had trimmed back so much that she had a year's worth of garbage in a large mason jar! I'll be sure to pin those, and check out 'bring outdoors inside' and 'Australian garden landscaping'. Thanks for doing this video!

  53. This surely sounds odd, but I love your videos cause you carry a kind of silence. Even when you talk (and about very interesting things!), your "Stimmung" feels pretty sincere and down to earth. Even when we know you plan very carefully your videos. I don't think I can explain it. Maybe by opposition I could say I hate when youtubers act like cheerleaders, ugh. Hugs from Argentina!

  54. I remember the really dark lipliner on other people. I was a small child, for me it was a time of plastic hair clips, 3 to 4 pairs at the same time, and brightly coloured leggings.

  55. I think that scrunchies are one of the most important parts of 90s fashion revival because I have curly hair and scrunchies are easier on my hair. I believe that the trend of embracing your natural texture is very closely linked to the dramatic rise in scrunchy use.

  56. Miss you, Justine! Would like to recommend 99pi's podcast episode 340 re The Secret Lives of Colors by Kassia St. Clair re your question about color.

  57. Oh my gosh the 90's!! Nirvana, Plaid shirts, Doc Martins, Sarah Mclachlan, Coffee Bean lipstick by Revlon, and Clueless!!

  58. Love your videos! Scrunchies are the best! My hair is fine and thin and I can actually keep my hair up in those 👍🏼

  59. Hi Justine! Love your videos!
    You mentioned the switch of pink for boys to blue… was due to WW2. Nazis would use a pink triangle as an identifier for homosexuality. Pink then came to represent femininity.

  60. long story short: pink used to be for boys in most of Europe and blue for girl until Hitler decided that the label for gay people is pink and then all men kind of went… I am a man but I am not gay so I don't want to be assosiated with pink. In the Netherlands, however, pink is still kind of associated with baby boys.

  61. Baby colours switched from Blue to Pink quite recently in History, in the 50's. Apparently because of Grace Kelly, single handily! With the birth of her children in Monaco.

  62. Typisch für die neunziger sind die aufblasbaren Plastiksessel und Couches (eigentlich wary alles aus Plastik) , die Supermodels und Baywatch 😂

  63. I was a teenager during the 90's but do not miss the 90's. My dress style is my own mix of vintage style clothing new and secondhand. I love the 50's, 60's and 70's style. Love casual sporty, bohemian chic and classic dressed up looks. Also love prints and most colours except beige and taupe.

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